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Buying a home has never been easy. You need to know every detail before you make any decision. For this, you take help from the agents of real estate. But they do not assure you of building inspection and neither recommend any building inspector. They only show the properties that are available and ready to be purchased.

We, at Building and Pest Inspections Perth, help you in getting building inspection done, so that you invest in right property. We provide pest and building inspections and submits dilapidation Reportto the buyers to help them make safe purchase of house in Perth.

What we provide
Building and Pest Inspections Perth assists you with the best home to purchase by doing building inspections so that the house you are going to purchase is in good condition. We give unbiased assessment and aim to provide you accurate and in-depth building inspection report with the help of our team of expert building inspector. Our registered builder provides inspection for any range of homes, be it duplex, town-house or a well-established home. They do all the visual inspection and review non-structural things, if any, so as to check if the house has any defect. In this way, they ensure that whether the house ready to be purchased or not, or what could be the costs in the future.

Our certified team of property valuers Perth provides reliable and professional property valuation services at affordale rates. Contact West Coast valuers for all your property valuations.

How we perform inspection
Our team of building inspector performs all the below mentioned inspections to identify the defects structurally and conclude if the area has any problem.

  • They check for external walls.
  • The sub-floor space is checked wherever applicable
  • The experts check for roof exterior and internal walls to determine any damage
  • Floors and roof space are performed with pest inspection In addition to the above, the non-structural items that are inspected consist of:
  • Pergolas and patios
  • Bathroom, tapware, downpipes and gutters
  • Electrical connections and faults
  • Ensuite
  • Cornices and ceilings
  • Cabinets
  • Retaining walls
How professional are we
Building and Pest Inspections Perth consists of experts who have many years of experience in providing successful building inspection. They help you to get rid of the hassle that otherwise worries you in making arrangements for performing a complete house inspection. We have adequate knowledge to perform inspection in each item of the house. The team of building inspections has worked for many major sites, which has made us learned in this industry and more consistent in performing the best. Our active members have an unusual eye to be able to determine the detail, from which not a minor error can escape.

Building inspection
Building and Pest inspections Perth is the place you can make sure of purchasing right house for yourself. We take complete interest in helping you to get complete inspection done for the building that too without any fuss. We, at building and pest inspections Perth, do not offer commodities that could be shopped, but provide services for inspecting the home and advice you before going to purchase it. There are homes that may have caused damage due to damp or droppings of mortar. Our service building inspections Perth comprises of the following items:
  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Windows and doors
  • Vanity basins and sinks
  • Smoke detectors
  • Power points
  • Lights, fans, air condition and other electrical fixtures
  • Water drainage and leakage system
  • Bathroom, kitchen and taps
  • Staircases
  • Roof space
  • Fencing of the boundary
Building and pest inspection
While looking for a good property you come across many damages in homes. For instance, the structural timbers causes degradation that results due to either fungal decay, chemical delignification or wood borers. The house not only looks in bad condition but is also unsafe to live in. To do away with such problems our Building and Pest Inspections Perth has every solution. You can rely on us for in-depth check for all the details required to be aware of, so that prior solution could be taken for it.

Due to lack of maintenance and unawareness of knowledge on how to keep a check on every material of the property, the attacks of the pests becomes frequent. In such case, our team of building inspections Perth provides inspection through infrared that detects:
  • Leakage from the roof
  • Loss of heat and energy
  • Faults in the electrical connections
  • Moisture and insects that are destroying wood
Termite inspection
Moved into your new home and noticed termites? We know how disturbing it is to view at. But going for a remedy option could be expensive. Our experts in termite inspection Perth cover the below mentioned areas of the house to check thoroughly for termite inspection and other damages.
  • Plumbing overflows are assured to be directed away from the locations.
  • The leaks from plumbing and decay areas in kitchen and bathroom are checked to eliminate the termites caused due to dampness.
  • Appliances that discharge water in conjunction with the house or poor drainage system are checked.
  • Leakage from roof or pipe are blocked by the termite inspection Perth
Pest inspection
Pest inspection Perth helps your house in recovering from the damages caused due to attacks from the pests. The building inspector performs pest inspection to provide you the home in good condition. For instance, ruin of timber due to rotten fungi results to fungal decay. Even the wood borers are the insects that causes damage to the structural timber. The dilapidation report gives you detailed analysis of all such causes so as to get rid of these problems with the help of our experts. The team provides you with every detail in the dilapidation report emailed to you within 48 hours of building and pest inspection. We offer all types of pest inspection services in all the areas of Perth regardless if it’s out skirted. Get in touch with today to know more about our inspectors.
How to reach us
If you want to buy a new home or want to renovate the house that you live in, our experts from Building and Pest inspections Perth will help you in obtaining your needs. Building inspections and pest inspection Perth are done at very affordable price rate and building inspection report is handed over to you that consists of all the details of the minor and major damages that the houses is having. To get our assistance you could reach us on the phone number displayed on the Contact page, or simply drop in your message for any building inspections assistance at our email address or fax number provided on our website.
Good luck with your new home!
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“It was never expected by me that I would be getting such a wonderful service at such a low rate. The group of people working there is simply amazing who give you amazing services every time you visit."
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“Each corner of the house is given equal attention no corner is left uninspected special inspections are conducted on the special places of your houses that have been decided by you. The team of inspectors that is been working is simply amazing as well as very unique"
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